Rugby embodies a strong sense of community and a welcoming, family-like atmosphere. As America's fastest-growing sport, it captivates with its values and exhilarating entertainment. We're gearing up to infuse Miami’s energy into the Major League of Rugby (MLR) in 2024, offering a diverse array of experiences. This includes the opportunity to connect with our professional players, engage in youth camps, participate in family gatherings, and partake in special celebrations.

Our passion, professionalism, and deep love for the game serve as the driving force behind our journey. With doors wide open, we extend an invitation for you to explore what makes the rugby family truly special.

Are you prepared to dive in and embrace the Shark within?


With the start of our season in February 2024, we are filled with pride as we make Inter Miami's facilities our home. We have a strong conviction that the Miami Sharks - Inter Miami partnership will create the perfect scenario to conquer the MLR in 2024, where passion, entertainment, and the love for sports will come together to create unforgettable matchday experiences.

We firmly believe that Inter Miami's facilities provide the ideal platform to showcase our professionalism, culture, and unwavering determination to succeed.


But this is just the beginning of our journey. At the Miami Sharks, we're in the process of building a roster that goes beyond achievements; we are assembling a team of individuals who embody our culture of passion and excellence. Stay tuned for more to come as we continue to grow and strengthen our lineup, making history together.